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Alexis’ Kokkos new book “Exploring Art for Perspective Trasnformation”


Alexis’ Kokkos book on the use of art in education for facilitating the transformation of stereotypical perceptions has recently been published by Brill|Sense. The book is addressed to teachers, adult educators and museum educators and brings together the author’s many years of work on the topic.

The First Part focuses on exploring various theoretical perspectives (by Aristotle, Dewey, Freire, Gramsci, Greene, Critical Pedagogy, the Harvard School of Education, the Frankfurt School, and the Museum Education) and identifying the ways in which they are related. The Second Part presents in detail the principles and stages of the “Transformative Learning through Aesthetic Experience” method that the author has developed, with reference to several practical examples.

The book also presents the special ways in which fine arts, literature, cinema and music can be exploited in the context of the method.

The book is available from Brill|Sense, at: https://brill.com/view/title/59804


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