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About Us

The Hellenic Adult Education Association (HAEA), a scientific non-profit
network of adult educators, trainers and researchers from all over
Greece, headquartered in Athens-Greece.

The aims of the Association are
the following:
1. The promotion of the ideas and the principles of Adult Education with a
keen emphasis on the perspective of critical reflection and transformative learning.
2. The development of a general awareness, information and practice in Greece and abroad
about Adult Education and transformative learning issues.
3. The cooperation with other similar international associations, scientific societies,
institutes, research centers, universities, private and public entities.
4. The support of initiatives for the application of innovative plans for adult education and
training as well as for art-based learning.

Founded in 2004, HAEA benefits from the voluntary time contributions of its 300 members
and the members of its Board of Directors. Over the years, HAEA has become a recognized
and very active community of practice in adult education and research within the Hellenic
and the International framework. HAEA has valuable competence in the use of experiential
and innovative ways of learning, the use of digital technology in education as well as
learning through the use of art. It actively works to expand adult educators’ competencies.
These programs act as a feedback loop, a bridge, between the theoretical approaches
conceived and developed within HAEA and the practical outcomes from the numerous
learning programs it has performed in many organizational settings. HAEA achieves its goals
through organizing ‘train the trainers’ programmes, adult education seminars, e-learning
programs, conferences, consulting, development of printed and digital teaching material. It
is also a prolific publisher, releasing a series of adult education books.
HAEA is affiliated organization of the International Transformative Learning Association. It
has co-organized with Teacher’s College, Columbia University the 9 th International
Transformative Learning Conference (2011), and has also organized two International
Conferences (2014, 2016) in cooperation with ESREA’s Network “Interrogation
Transformative Processes in Learning and Education: An International Dialogue”.